Moving your car to your new destination can be challenging, more so if it is long distance. If you have multiple cars, the situation becomes worse.

Move It or Sell It?

Selling one or more cars is one option of lightening your load. You may be confronted with some less obvious issues when making such decision. For instance, safety standards and emissions vary in every state. If you are doubting that your car is not going to pass such tests, then it is wise to sell it off and get a new one in your new state which meets all the requirements.
Make consultations with your state motor vehicle office and ask the following:
– The safety inspection tests which the vehicle must pass
– The cost of testing
– What tests are required for used cars? Who is the person paying for the test?
– Are there some impending legislation that may make some models obsolete?
– Will there be a significant change in the cost of insurance and your transportation needs? Rates vary by region.

If the above conditions do not favor you, consider selling your vehicle or donating it to charity.

Car Moving Options

If you however decide to bring your vehicle along, there are several options to get it wherever you are going.
1st Option: You can decide to move it with your household valuables. The mover may load your vehicle onto the truck together with furniture. This option is expensive because weight is one factor that movers use to charge, together with distance and time.

2nd Option: You can also opt to hire an auto mover to transport your car. These are companies that have specialized in moving autos exclusively.


The price of moving your car depends on your needs and specific circumstances. There are several factors which yo have to consider. These include:

– Distance
– Make of your car
– Your vehicles operating condition
– The size and weight of your vehicle
– The services offered by the Hauler
– The insurance coverage offered by the hauler

Money Saving Options

Choose a terminal to terminal service instead of a door to door service to save the hauling company the extra trip to your house. This will save the hauler’s time, effort and expense therefore saving you money. Only contact legitimate businesses so that they don’t scam you.

Alternatively, get someone to drive your car. Get a good driver who can drive for long distances. This method may require a broader time frame but will still save you some bucks depending on the distance, model and years of your vehicle.

Using your own auto insurance instead of the hauler’s coverage can also save you some cash. A typical insurance carried by the mover includes liability and cargo coverage with no deductible. This insures your vehicle for its entire value. Consult with your insurance agent about insuring your vehicle during moving, and if the coverage of the mover is adequate.

Choosing an Auto Mover

It is recommended that you do some up-front research before choosing a removalist in Sydney. These guys also have a StartLocal page for their services among other locations. I, first came across them at website page. Check the credentials of the mover and records by visiting the Better Business Bureau or any trade society the mover is a member of(For instance, Australian Movers Association ). You need to hire legitimate businesses in Australia.

Additional tips

– Make sure you ask for an insurance certificate that indicates full coverage. This will ensure your car is fully insured while shipping.
– Insist on a written contract and go through it comprehensively. You may also ask questions if anything is not clear
– Avoid brokers at all cost. Ensure that the company you choose own trucks.
– Be critical and make a value decision

The essence of doing all these is to ensure you get a moving company that is going to relocate your car securely and in a timely fashion who also offer you superior customer services.